The Los Coyotes Indians are a tribe of less than 300 member.  Only 78 of those members live on its 25,000 acre (10,100 hectares) reservation located in the remote hills northeast of San Diego.  Unlike many tribes in the region, they do not have a casino to provide economic development. Their attempts to build a casino have been blocked by casino owning tribes and Nevada casino operators.  This coin issue is an attempt to help raise revenues for the tribe. The coins are an authorized legal tender issue by the tribe and may be used on the reservation (though there is not much to buy).  The seven coin set includes 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cent coins, a 1 Dollar coin and a bi-metallic 5 Dollar coin.   The tribal symbol, two Coyotes and an Eagle, are on the obverse of each coin.  An Indian in a feathered head dress is on the reverse of the bi-metal 5 Dollar coins, while native wildlife is shown on reverse of the other coins. All seven coins are Uncirculated. It is an attractive set from a small American Indian tribe.

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