SAINT EUSTATIUS is a Caribbean state was member of the Netherlands Antilles, which was dissolved in 2010. This eight coin set includes a 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 Cent, 1 Dollar, a bimetallic 2 1/2 Dollar and a bimetallic 5 Dollar coin. After the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles, they adopted the U.S. Dollar as their currency. Netherlands Queen Beatrix, along with the name and arms of the island is on the obverse of all the coins. The Saint Eustatius issues feature native fish.

In the 18th Century Saint Eustatius was a prosperous, neutral, free port. It had no customs duties, ignored trade embargos and traded in contraband. It was a major supplier of arms to United States during the Revolutionary War against Great Britain and provided the first international acknowledgement of the independence of the United States in 1776. At the time it had an estimated population of about 10,000. Today it has a population of less than 3,000. A major medical school catering to students from the United States and Canada makes up a substantial portion of the economy. All coins are Uncirculated.

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