Saar is an important center for coal mining and heavy industry located in Germany along the French border.  Most of its citizens consider themselves to be of German ancestry.  Following World War II, France occupied the region and established Saarland  as a separate nation, in an effort to cripple Germany's industrial base.  Saarland was set up with strong economic ties with France and France assumed control of its foreign affairs. France even issued coins for Saarland.  The coins were struck at the Paris mint and were the same size and composition as the contemporary French coins and could be interchanged with French coins within Saarland.   Not long after the coins were issued, Saarland voted to reunite with Germany and this short-lived issue came to an end. The coins were struck only a single year, 1954.  One side pictures a stylized factory spewing out pollution and the Saarland arms.  The other side shows the date and denomination.

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