Clipperton Island is an uninhabited French territory in the Pacific.  It was named after John Clipperton, an English Pirate who used it as a base for attacking Spanish shipping during the 18th Century.   Over the years the atoll has been claimed by the United States, Mexico and France. In 1909 arbitration of the competing claims to island between France and Mexico was given to Italian King Victor Emmanuel III. In an attempt to boost its claim to the Island, Mexico settled some 100 men, women and children on the island by 1914.  The Mexican Revolution prevented supply ships from visiting the island. The governor of the island turned down an attempt to evacuate, and soon its inhabitants were dying of disease and starvation, which then degenerated into an orgy of rapes and murders.  The last surviving inhabitants' four women and seven children were rescued in by the U.S. Navy in 1917.  In 1931 Victor Emmanue finally decided to award the island to France, some 22 years after he was given the case.  It was of the longest international arbitrations in history!   During World War II, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt visited the island twice to see about setting up an American base.  This 2011 dated 100 Francs is the first coin issue for Clipperton Islands.  The 30mm aluminum-bronze coin pictures the island on one side, and a picture of the Conus Ebareus (Black and White cone) shell on the other.

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