This 38.6mm copper-nickel 2 Pounds coin from the British colony of Ascension Island commemorates the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton.  The 2011 dated coin features a two doves, two bells and two interlocked wings on one side and the Rank-Broadley portrait of  Queen Elizabeth on the other.  Ascension is an isolated island in the Atlantic roughly midway between South America and Africa.  For many years the island was an important stopping point for ships and airplanes. During the 19th century The Royal Navy officially designated the island as a stone frigate, "HMS Ascension", with the classification of "Sloop of War of the smaller class".

Ascension Island issued this 2011 dated 38.6mm copper-nickel 1 Crown commemorates Queen Elizabeth's and Prince Phillip's lifetime of service to the Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations.  The year 2011 marks the 85th birthday of the Queen and the 90th birthday of the Prince.  They were married in 1947 and she became Queen in 1952.  She is one of the oldest ruling monarchs alive.  During her reign she has seen twelve Prime Ministers, six Archbishops, and five Popes.  She has witnessed the widespread introduction of jet aircraft, television, computers, Internet and mobile communications. She is the most widely traveled monarch ever, having visited some 129 countries in 256 official visits.  The obverse of the coin features  the Rank-Broadley portrait of  the Queen, while the reverse features their initials surrounded by intertwined Order of the Garter.  The Order is one of the highest orders of knighthood in the United Kingdom.  The orders motto, "Honi soit qui mal y pense" is inscribed on the Garter.  The motto is in Old French, and roughly translates as "evil to him who evil thinks".

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