Tatarstan is an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation. Upon the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 it announced its sovereignity, which was approved in a referendum in 1992. The Russian Constitutitutional Court declared the referendum unconstitutional and in 1994 a treaty was signed formally making Tatarstan a part of the Russian Republic.  In 1993 Tatarstan issued three undated metal circulating ration tokens in an effort to deal with widespread shortages of necessities. A bronze token picturing wheat stalks was good for 1 Kilo of bread.  Two tokens were issued for Gasoline (petrol), a bronze token that was good for 10 Liters of gasoline, and a copper-nickel token that was good for 20 Liters of gasoline.  Both had exactly the same design featuring an oil well  and were the same size.  The 10 Liters token was soon withdrawn as criminals would nickel-plate it and pass it off as a 20 Liter token. The obverse of all three tokens feature the Söyembikä Tower in Kazan and the name of the country in Cyrillic.

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