Viinamarisaar (Grape Island) is a fantasy land located on a 3,396 acre island in the Baltic Sea. It has a population of just 73. Its main product is its famed "Ice Wine", made from grapes that are picked and crushed while frozen. In 2012 Vinamarisaar issued two coins of unusual denominations. The 36 grams copper coin of 4.90 Rueo is 6.35mm thick. The 4.90 Euro thick coin corresponds to pay a worker gets for picking 7 trays of grapes, which typically takes about two hours. It has a mintage of just 250 pieces. The 70 Euro Cent Brass coin weight is 5.70 grams and mintage of 250 pieces. Both coins have same design. 

In 2007 it issued a series of 7 Krooni coins in various metals. 7 Krooni represents the pay for a lug of grapes.

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