Redonda is a small island in the Caribbean.   It was discovered by Columbus on his second voyage in 1493.  During the late 19th century it was heavily mined for its rich guano deposits.  The mining operations ceased during the First World War, and it has been uninhabited since then.   The Kingdom of Redonda was first mentioned in the novels of West Indian author M.P. Shiel, who claimed to be King Felipe of Redonda.  Since then there have been various claimants to the throne.   Redonda recently released an attractive nine coin set dated 2009.  One side of the coins pictures the arms of the Kingdom which features three birds in flight.  The set includes four bi-metallic coins:  two 10 Dollar coins, one picturing Christopher Columbus, the other a tropical fish, a 5 Dollar coin picturing the island and a 1 Dollar with a bird.  The lower denominations, the 25 Cents, 10 cents, 5 Cents, 2 Cents and 1 Cent coins are struck in various metals and all picture birds.

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