Isle du Massacre, located off the coast of Alabama, was a French settlement founded in 1699 by a French Canadian named Pierre le Moyne, sieur d'Iberville. It was one of the first French Settlements in what is now the United States.  The island was named because of human bones that were found on the shore, apparently from an Indian burial mound that had been disturbed by a hurricane.   The colony did not attract many settlers, perhaps because of its unfortunate name.  In an effort to attract more settlers it was renamed in 1707 to Isle Dauphin, Today it is known as Dauphin Island and is a popular tourist destination. France did not actually issue coins for the settlement, however this oversight was recently remedied by a private mint in the United States that struck this intriguing coin.   The coin, a copper 1 Sol dated 1699, pictures French King Louis XIV on one side and a coat of arms featuring three human skulls on the other.  The coin is a dark "antiqued" finish. It is an interesting piece, struck in the style of the period, which serves as a reminder of France's long gone North American Empire.

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