At the age of 20, Alexander became the King of Macedonia after the assassination of his father in 336BC. His army quickly conquered the Greek states and he then set off across Asia. With brilliant military and political tactics he soon conquered Egypt, where he founded the city of Alexandria, and the Persian Empire. He continued conquering all in his path. In 326BC he reached India. There his army, weary from the endless fighting, tropical rains and from being away from home, mutinied, refusing to go any further. Alexander was forced to return to Susa, the capital of the former Persian Empire. He died three years later, after a prolonged banquet and drinking binge. Until his reign, Greek coins did not show mortals. But Alexander sought to proclaim himself as a God. On his coins Alexander portrayed himself as Hercules, dressed in a lion's skin. The reverse of this bronze coin shows a club and a bow in its case with a quiver.


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