This unofficial 2010 eight coin set from Northern Cyprus includes 4 bi-metallic coins. Northern Cyprus was created after a Greek attempt to sieze control of Cyprus in 1974 was met with a military intervention by Turkey.  Turkish forces gained control of the northern third of the island and created the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus  Northern Cyprus has not received international recognition and attempts to re-unify the island have met with repeated failure.  The obverse of each of the eight coins fetures the Arms of North Cyprus

This unofficial 2011 dated 20 Lira coin from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus features a seated portrait Ottoman Sultan Selim II.  Selim was called "The Sot" or "The Drunkard".  He married a Venetian noblewoman, and turned over most of the government functions to his ministers allowing him to pursue his drinking and orgies.  In 1570 he conquered Cyprus in order to assure a steady supply of his favorite wine.  The reverse of the coin features the arms of Northern Cyprus.  The coin design is incuse (engraved into the coin), rather than raised, giving it an unusual and attractive appearance. The copper-nickel coin is 39mm in diameter and has a Matte finish.

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