The Mediterranean island of Crete is home to one of the worlds oldest civilizations, the Minoan, which flourished from about 3000BC to 1100BC.  Yet since that time it has been ruled by outside powers.  In 1898 the Ottoman Turks, who had ruled the Island for over 200 years were expelled by the Greeks and Crete was set up as an autonomous territory under the authority of the King of Greece.  In 1900 Crete issued its first modern coins.  Included was this scarce copper-nickel 10 Lepta coin. The coin was struck only a single year: 1900.  Though the designs were similar to the circulating Greek 10 and 20 Lepta coin, the coin was intended for use on Crete.  In 1913 Crete was formally united with Greece, bringing to an end the short-lived coinage of Crete.

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